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Mound Tool has its manufacturing roots in the origins of the US meat packing industry when it underwent rapid growth in the midwest during the early 20th century. Our central location in St Louis, Missouri places Mound Tool in the middle of the country for processing and transporting products throughout the United States and North America.

Meat packing plants, butchers and professional meat processors and handlers have used our high quality meat processing tools since 1899. Most of our meat processing tools are designed with stainless construction for a durable long life and adherence to strict sanitation standards.

Today Mound Tool manufactures professional quality meat processing and packing tools throughout the world and is recognized for its outstanding quality.

Be sure to also visit our Haban Saw site that includes an extensive line of industrial grade hand saws for the meat processing and packing professional.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like to purchase our products.

Mound Tool
Mound Tool
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